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Across the Tracks Consulting supports DEIJB practitioners and organizations to reach across the metaphorical tracks to build bridges of authentic relationship in order to embrace thoughts, feelings and behaviors that lead to a transformed future where every person is valued, empowered, and able to access what they need to thrive.

*Transformation: Radical shifts happening over time which impact all facets of a being/entity to exist and behave differently.
who am i ?

Toyin Augustus, MS Ed. (she/her)

Toyin Augustus is an educator, DEI practitioner and former Olympian utilizing her skills and experience to invest in transformational social justice. In her 17 years of experience in private and public schools, Toyin has created equitable policies, encouraged inclusive practices, and facilitated educational opportunities for students, educators and adult caretakers. In addition, she has designed frameworks, training, workshops and student affinity leadership programs to facilitate equity and inclusion in organizations. 

Toyin is an independent consultant for Across The Tracks Consulting, Liberation Consulting, and VISIONS, Inc., using her engaging and empathetic style to guide adult learners through transformative processes. 

Toyin has a master’s in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and is the founder of Just Heroes, a non-profit that integrates athletics and social justice work to inspire and empower youth athletes as change agents through education and community initiatives.

Accomplishments/ Experience

17+ years experience in education
5+ Years of DEI Consulting experience
Innovator of the Practicing Justice Continuum
Speaker on Bias and Discrimination: Reporting Tools and Processes
Co-Creator of Restorative Justice Processes for Identity-Based Harm

Choose a path on yourTransformational journey

All journeys are not the same. Consider where you and/or your organization would like to partner with our team.

*Virtual and/or In-Person Opportunities Available*

One-on-One Coaching

Ideal for DEIBJ practitioners, organizational leaders, multicultural coordinators DEI committee chairs, and others guiding organizational equity

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Educator/Adult Learning Workshops

Empowers participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to foster a more inclusive and equitable environment through open discussions and transformative learning experiences.

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Youth/Student programming

Engaging programs to celebrate diversity, challenge bias, promote empathetic understanding, and drive student leadership (ages 12-18)

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Leadership Team Training/Workshops

Equips organizational leaders with the insights and strategies necessary to drive meaningful change, promote inclusivity, and champion equity within their teams and beyond.

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Equity-based pricing approach

We believe that in order to have a transformational change, we must consider those groups that have historically been marginalized and under-resourced. Then we must reimagine and co-create systems and structures that interrupt inequities and reallocates resources with equity in mind.

With that, we have the following equity-based pricing structure.

*POGM – People of the Global Majority

Organizations that are Predominantly White and Affluent

Pay it Forward

Options available

Regular pricing and option to donate funding for under-served, under-resourced communities

Organizations with 50% or more of the students on free/reduced lunch OR 50% or more of core employees are POGM*



Please prepare to provide proof of demographics

Organizations where 50% or more of leadership team members are POGM*



Please prepare to provide proof of demographics

Choose an approach


Transformational Approach

For organizations that desire comprehensive support and have enough leadership buy-in for liberation from all forms of system oppression and supremacy ideology. This long-term approach offers a team of diverse DEIJB practitioners who are invested in liberatory and transformational social justice to take your organization through an audit, needs assessment, organizational change models, implementation processes, and feedback for all constituents.


Strength-based Approach

For organizations that feel confident in their DEIBJ journey and desire support in adding more robust and elevated programming for their community. Practitioners will partner with existing leadership to review client strengths with an intention to build upon, reinforce and amplify what already exists. This is an excellent option for organizations with teams of practitioners who may not have the bandwidth to support growth. This approach is effective both long and short term.


Goal-Oriented Approach

For organizations that have experienced specific pain points that are acute or chronic; minor or pervasive. Practitioners approach with curiosity and compassion to understand and quantify specific needs and gaps. Then they will recommend next steps and offer restorative options that will meet qualitative and quantitative goals and metrics. This partnership necessitates high levels of time and trust-building. Depending on the pain points, this can be long or short term.


Customized Approach

For organizations that are either at the beginning of their journey OR organziations that have made changes in various areas and are looking for cohesion and alignment. Practitioners will conduct a needs assessment, implement change models, and reassess through feedback loops. Different from the transformation, this long-term approach allows for a slower pace and may require frequent redirection and greater resources to arrive at various client needs.

client testimonial

what our clients Think and Feel

"As the Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs for Community Engagement at the U.C.L.A. School of Education and Information Studies, I have the honor to partner with Across the Tracks on a variety of projects. Toyin brings high levels of experiences, professionalism, and critical kindness and care. In an era when Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts are under attack at schools, universities, and businesses, Across the Tracks provides a beacon of hope for nurturing skills and consciousness necessary to unmask oppression existing within society and ourselves. Across the Tracks centers what I would describe as radical dialogue, which promotes respect across difference, courage to foster necessary spaces for dialogue, all founded upon the development of community guidelines, with a mission of empowerment and transformation towards community healing, love and liberation."

Jason Nunzio Dorio Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs - U.C.L.A. School of Education and Information Studies

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Toyin since 2020. Toyin was contracted as a DEI-J facilitator with SAU 16 to assist us with understanding and implementing the concepts of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice throughout all of our schools. Toyin worked directly with 20 district and school educators over the course of a year and a half providing trainings and assisting our team to create a DEI-J vision statement, create a job description and hiring criteria for a Director of DEI-J as well as providing us with countless resources in order to do this work. Toyin's energy, compassion and understanding in this work was on display each time we had the opportunity to meet with her and I couldn't think of a better facilitator to help organizations do this work!

​Christopher Andriski, Ed.D (he/his/him) Associate Superintendent - SAU16 Exeter, NH

"Toyin is a key collaborator that I look to when I want to brainstorm and have deep thinking on a project. She comes with a sharp lens on equity and has supported leaders and employees in a variety of industries to learn, unlearn, and develop skills for equity, inclusion, and cultural competency. I appreciate that Toyin can grapple with complexity, contribute and offer effective solutions, while working with a diversity of opinions and perspectives."

Hideko Akashi (she/her/hers) Liberation Consulting, LLC San Francisco, CA

Toyin is an open-minded, creative, direct, and passionate educator who puts the wants and needs of students first. I have found her council invaluable. Through her guidance we created a plan to use restorative practices to address classroom behavioral issues related to misogyny, racism and colorism which I continue to use today. Because of Toyin's coaching, I now feel comfortable enough to talk to students about these challenges. As schools and institutions become more diverse spaces, having a system for open and honest discussion that leads to learning is increasingly important. Toyin's method, when implemented organization-wide, will enable those conversations and that education. She is an intelligent and compassionate professional that will help achieve the ultimate vision for any organization.

Kwesi Johnson (he/him/his) Oakwood School North Hollywood, CA

With Toyin’s support, BLM Seacoast created opportunities for visibility and celebration of the lives of Black folks in the Seacoast area. From her inspiring speeches at rallies to her insightful offerings in our Board meetings, Toyin has demonstrated her ability to motivate, teach, and guide. Our work with Toyin supported the selection of new board members; gave perspective on confronting nuanced issues of internalized and systemic oppression; encouraged equitable approaches to fundraising; and influenced the navigation of power dynamics within social situations. Our organization made great impact with her on the board and we were honored to work alongside her.

Tanisha Johnson, MBA BLM Seacoast Co-Founder Seacoast, NH

Our Work In Action

trusted Sources/resources

Sharing Knowledge and Wisdom

Along each journey, one encounters others who deeply inform and influence our path. The thoughtful and disciplined sources below have guided my transformational approach to justice.  

Recommended Learning: Visit EJI’s Legacy Museum & National Memorial for Peach and Justice Read Just Mercy book and see Just Mercy movie

Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative was my first major inspiration to become a leader for anti-oppression. I am deeply grateful for his passionate orations, compelling stories, and hands on work toward justice.

Recommended learning: PACE and DEI Essentials

Vigorous Interventions Set In Ongoing Natural Settings

Founder, Valerie Batts and Mentor, Terry Berman are brilliant minds who have sheparded me through the nuanced anc complicated ways that we move from Monoculture to Liberation. My deepest gratitude. 

Recommended learning: Embodied Anti-Racism Education

Therapist, Healer and Author, Resmaa Menakem writes about embodiment in his book, My Grandmother’s Hands.


Recommended Learning: This Restorative Justice Life PODCAST 

David Ryan Castro-Harris is the founder of Amplify RJ, aiming to teach people the origins, philosophy, practices, values of restorative justice. I am most compelled by the honoring of RJ’s roots in Indigenous practice. 

Recommended Learning: NDPI 

If you are a Diversity Practitioner and you have not attended this 3-day immersive, life-giving intensive experience let by Rodney Glasgow, you are missing out! Mark your calendars for next summer! 

Recommended learning: Raising Anti-Racist Children: A Practical Parenting Guide

Educator, speaker, advocate and compassionate human, Britt Hawthorne shares personal and collective anti-bias and anti-racism practices that are usable by all!

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