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Across the Tracks provides Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice training to individuals and organizations. This covers leadership development, strategic planning, and organizational change management, particularly for educational institutions. Lead Consultant

Toyin Augustus

As a creative and passionate educator, Toyin is committed to engaging communities in learning skills to build and execute inclusive strategic best practices. Leveraging her 15 years of classroom experience and leadership in inclusive education, Toyin has the ability to guide individuals and organizations to make connections, bridge informational gaps, and empower communities toward a stated vision.

Toyin has a wealth of experience engaging students in developing leadership skills and leveraging talents to meet the needs of their communities. Through experiential learning, Toyin guides authentic engagement across difference, inspiring the next generation of social justice advocates. Toyin has been an instructor and coach at Phillips Exeter Academy for 10 years and continues to innovate for change internally and externally.

Toyin Augustus
Pronouns: she/her/hers | Exeter, NH

Ms. Augustus is a former Olympian and current educator and consultant. She currently facilitates continuing education and professional development for adult learners while cultivating young minds at Phillips Exeter Academy where she integrates athletics and social justice work. She also develops justice-based experiential education trips for high school students; designs diversity and anti-bias reading programs for elementary schools; leads workshops on community connections across difference; and fosters student leadership development in educational institutions. She earned her BA at Penn State University and is projected to complete her MS.Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania in August 2021.

– Board of Directors: Black Lives Matter Seacoast (New Hampshire)
– Associate Consultant: Visions, Inc.
– Keynote Speaker


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Founder Journey

As a kid, I fell in love with track and field. My sister joined the track team and my dad took the two of us to the local high school track one day to help her practice. That day I finally beat her at something, and I was juiced! From there I noticed that others were also impressed by my athletic success gave me unexpected attention. After all the messages I caught that I was not attractive or intelligent, I started feeling valuable because I was a good athlete. I continued to attain the social capital that allowed me to move in and out of social, educational and professional spaces with a level of privilege that I didn’t know what to do with. Looking back on my journey I am continually more aware of how athletic advantages blinded me to the value of all other parts of my being. My identity was narrowed to just one component. To many, I was just an athlete. To sustain this singular piece of positive identity, I could not see how confining and disempowering these messages were. Not only did I not explore other parts of my identity, but I allowed others to tell my story which always seemed to start with athletics and end with athletics. When I became an educator and coach, I noticed the same types of narratives being written for some of my athletes, but I see them as so much more. And when they begin to value themselves and recognize their power, they will live into their light.

The Hero story

Within minoritized communities, many student athletes clutch to their sport as their saving grace. Athletics can be a space where they feel safe and valued and can be their ticket out of the unfortunate realities of communities that have been denied access to resources and opportunities for success. These student athletes are exhibiting resiliency in their daily lives, learning teamwork within their sport, and possess influence in their social spaces. They are well-positioned to lead their communities toward recognizing, navigating and overcoming the various cultural and institutional obstacles that stifle progress. Just Heroes is an after-school program housed within schools to offer access to knowledge, resources and networks that empower student athletes to lead innovations for positive personal, institutional and social transformation within their communities.

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