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Equips organizational leaders with the insights and strategies necessary to drive meaningful change, promote inclusivity, and champion equity within their teams and beyond.

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Practicing Justice Continuum

The landscape of DEIJB work continues to change and it can be difficult to see where an organization is currently and where it can continue to grow and develop. The journey of DEIJB is also complex and can be difficult to understand. This workshop presents to practitioners and organizations a framework that maps out this journey and offers guidance and concrete recommendations on how to move along a continuum from rejection of social justice to transformational social justice. Through activities, relatable examples and loving accountability, participants will be guided through a model they can use to move themselves and their organizations along this journey. This is an initial step in moving through our transformational change approach.

  • 90Min Workshop

BDI Tool & Restorative Response

BDI Tool Ideation:

As schools continue the ongoing work of fostering belonging on their campuses, there is a core need to address experiences of harm from marginalization within our school communities. In this workshop, participants will learn approaches to the conception, design, and implementation of these reporting protocols as ways to confront oppression while promoting individual growth and broader community repair. Furthermore, participants will discuss the ways in which school culture informs the design of effective bias incident reporting structures, and will collaborate to test a hypothetical bias incident scenario using sample protocols.

  • 90Min Workshop

Restorative Responses to Reported Harm:

Living in diverse environments, we engage with people of different identities which allow us greater informed perspectives due to their various ways of viewing and experiencing the world. These differing perspectives on the world can also create tension and harm as we behave in ways that might feel just fine to us but could be harmful to others. This workshop offers a reframing of how we navigate identity-based harm through the lens of restorative justice by sharing knowledge, skills, and tools to approach harm with a focus on empathy, accountability, and liberation. 

  • 90Min Workshop
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