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one-on-one coaching

Ideal for DEIBJ practitioners, organizational leaders, multicultural coordinators DEI committee chairs, and others guiding organizational equity

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30 min Free inquiry Consult

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60min - DEIBJ practitioner processing

Sometimes we just need a fresh set of eyes! Being in DEI spaces for almost two decades, I have come to recognize the value in having the devoted attention, fresh perspective and knowledgeable insight of a seasoned professional to support in processing the complicated and evolving landscape of the DEI world.

Sessions are in 1 hour increments and designed for practitioners, allys and bystanders. During this time, your personal DEI Coach will listen with curiosity, respond without judgment and offer resources and wisdom for navigating any situation or topic related to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and social justice. Utilizing best practices in coaching, mentoring, conflict mediation, equity & inclusion frameworks, and restorative justice, your personal DEI Coach will guide you through any topics that are top of mind to you.

  • 1 hour minimum 
  • 3hrs package (minimum of 30min increments)
  • 10hr package (minimum of 30min increments)
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