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Educator/Adult Learning Workshops

Empowers participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to foster a more inclusive and equitable environment through open discussions and transformative learning experiences.

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Unconscious Bias & Micro aggressions (Foundational learning for all organizations)

In this training, participants will first independently complete ELearning courses on unconscious bias and/or microaggressions. This will provide the foundation for a 90 – 120min curated workshop that allows participants to dive deeper into the learned material and explore the content through cross-cultural dialogue with colleagues. 

This opportunity is ideal for large organizations that:

  • Gain several new employees regularly
  • Have several employees who are beginners on their multicultural and DEI journey
  • Have limited to no time for full company gatherings
  • Have limited opportunities for interpersonal connection between employees across divisions.
  • Are looking to maximize their use of budget dollars while still having a meaningful learning.

Connecting Bias & microaggressions to institutional & Cultural levels of oppression

This is the second phase of the training on unconscious bias and microaggressions and cannot be completed without the first. Participants will use their previous eLearning and group learning experiences to make connections to institutional and cultural level opporessions. This curated training allows participants to recognzie that personal bias and interpersonal aggressions have impacts that are felt on a larger scale. This is crucial for shifting organizational culture, systems, and structures.

  • We typically use the following identity variables: race, class, gender, sexuality.
  • We are able to customize our examples and scenarios to meet the specific needs of an organization.
  • We also use industry specific examples and case studies where available and necessary.
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Customized workshops/training

In collaboration with other trained facilitators of various identities, Across The Tracks Consulting can co-create and facilitate various workshops/trainings for topics including, but not limited to the following:

  • Affinity groups – creating, navigating, empowering
  • Restorative Justice – understanding, leveraging, sustaining
  • Race/Racism – in various industries and for different races
  • Oppression Olympics – beward of this trick of the oppressor
  • Internalized Oppression – how we cancel ourselves, and can redeem ourselves

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