Across The Tracks

Student Programming

Engaging programs to celebrate diversity, challenge bias, promote empathetic understanding, and drive student leadership (ages 12-18)

Just Heroes’ Freedom Games

Across the Tracks Consulting partners with schools and coaches to bring engaging liberatory programming for athletes and teams interested in exploring racial justice in the context of athletics. As an Olympian, African Champion, and accomplished coach, Toyin combines her experience and passion for athletics with her skills and knowledge in social justice education to create meaningful, interactive, and playfully competitive sessions for teams of any sport and across all genders. 

  • 90min or 3hr program available

    *Equity-Based Pricing Available*

Student Group Facilitation and/or Leadership Exploration

Using a variety of tools, resources, pop culture ideas, films and social media, facilitators guide students through various topics that are age appropriate and relevant to current events. Students are able to connect through story telling, sharing experiences, and leaning into critical dialogue. These spaces are meant to amplify student voices in the room and empower them with skills and tools to engage respectfully and restoratively on their individual and collective journey toward justice.

  • 45min, 90min, and 3hr programs available

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